Dabbing for Your Health

Dec 19 2016

Dabbing for Your Health

One of the fastest growing verticals within the global cannabis industry is concentrates. Concentrates are popular for not only their potency, but also for their effectiveness at delivering a fully absorbable dose when vaporized. Cannabis concentrates like shatter, waxes, and crumbles contain high percentages of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC in amounts that can be greater than 90%. They also can contain high amounts of residual solvents like butane. Since the extraction process to create these extracts completely removes most of the synergistic terpenoids contained in the plant, adding terpenes back into these concentrates has started to build momentum among “cannasseurs.” For extracts that have no terpenes or very few, the experience of inhaling high THC can be quite intense.

Live rosin, a solvent free extract produced using mechanical pressure and heat, has become quite popular in the world of concentrates. Live rosin is made by pressing the flower with heated plates, and collecting the extract which oozes from the trichomes of the flower. This type of concentrate is gaining in popularity as it provides more of a full spectrum profile of the strain since it retains a good amount of terpenes in the process. The THC content, however, can still be quite high….And not everyone likes getting completely blasted on THC.

Folium Biosciences of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the largest producer of medicinal hemp derived phytocannabinoids in the United States. Folium Biosciences is the only company in the world that uses a technology that can completely remove the trace THC from their oil without damaging, disturbing, or diluting the naturally present synergistic cannabinoids or terpenoids. Folium is also the largest producer of 99.9% pure CBD crystalline isolate with no solvents – popular for the fact that it contains absolutely zero THC, and has almost no taste or flavor. The demand for this “miracle molecule” has been exponential, and as a result, so too has demand for it in different forms. Until now, cannabis concentrates have been dominated by THC. But not everyone wants to get high. Not everyone wants to take the proverbial “elevator to the top floor without enjoying the ride up”. And not everyone wants to have THC in their body for reasons related to things like employment, or personal responsibilities.

As the leader in non-psychoactive hemp phytocannabinoids in the USA, Folium Biosciences has developed several new categories of completely THC free, high CBD concentrates, meant to deliver much of the health benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC or its metabolites. Folium’s naturally high, proprietary medicinal hemp strain produces a CBD content of 18% on average. On their first extraction, an oil is produced that contains roughly 70% CBD – the very highest (naturally) in the industry. In order to create pure CBD crystals, the Folium extraction team uses a proprietary process to gently remove the remaining 30% plant wax and chlorophyl while isolating the cannabidiol until a purity of 99.9% is achieved….Then the fun begins!

Folium Biosciences has once again pioneered the CBD game by introducing pure cannabidiol crystalline infused with strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes. A “CBD shatter” of sorts, but completely devoid of THC. One of the most popular new CBD concentrates at Folium is a cannabis-derived Pineapple Express infused CBD crystalline “shatter.” This product not only tastes and feels uplifting like the strain, it even looks and smells like a real dried pineapple slice!!!


Pure CBD Concentrates

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